Am I eligible for hair transplant surgery?

People often ask us: “What is the minimum age for receiving a transplant?” There isn’t a specific age minimum for receiving a hair restoration; however, most practices, h2 Clinica included, would not recommend the procedure to someone under the age of 21. This is because most people’s hair loss pattern will continue to mature as they age. So the younger they are when they receive the transplant, the less predictable the hair loss condition will be as these people age. However, in cases where hair loss is permanent and not progressive, the procedure can be performed to someone under the age of 21. Since hair loss varies by individuals, H2 Clinica cannot give recommendations without having the physicians’ diagnosis of each person’s hair loss condition. We always recommend the patients take advantage of H2 Clinica’s free consultation, to learn more about the treatment options available, as well as if hair restoration is the right solution for their hair loss.

In general, there are several reasons why a person shouldn’t undergo hair restoration surgery too early, and without a hair restoration physicians’ comprehensive analysis:

The extent and rate of hair loss is more difficult to predict

A diagnosis of a disease or infection might be missed

Restoring the hairline to its original position will look unnatural as the patient ages

Restoring a patient’s original density, of course, is not a realistic goal of a hair transplant, which services only to redistribute existing hair.