About Dentistry

At H2 Clinica, we offer an extensive range of professional and affordable dental care treatments.  Our dental department is proudly supported by some of the best dentists all across Turkey, Istanbul. 

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  • Professional dental services in a warm and candid environment
  • Dedicated and committed team of experts
  • Competitive prices with affordable treatments
  • State of art technology, fully equipped dental surgeries

Hollywood smile

Are you unhappy with your smile?

Are you unhappy with your smile? Do you find your teeth too long, too pale or too crooked to let you laugh and grin confidently?

Do you wish to have the perfect Hollywood smile that will dazzle every eye? Visit us at H2 Clinica to have an outstanding smile makeover! What is a smile makeover? It allows offering one or more aesthetic, facial or rejuvenation procedures to beautify your grin! Starting from dental crowns Veneers, Lumineers to a dental implant, we offer the entire range of modern dental methods to keep your teeth healthy and beautiful throughout your life.

At h2 clinica, we also offer dental implants, which means that you can still have a perfect set of teeth after tooth loss! Our expert dentist will insert a small titanium screw in to the jaw at the site of the missing tooth, which serves as the support for the crown. Your new tooth would perfectly match with your other teeth, and nobody will be able to tell that you have had a dental implant!

So be it a gap in your teeth that you want to get filled or a broken tooth that you need to be treated, h2 clinica offers you the best dental health care facilities in town!