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Plastic Surgeries

What is plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery is defined as a surgical treatment, specially designed for the reconstruction of facial and body defects resulting due to birth defects, trauma, diseases or burns.

With our team of internationally trained doctors and nurses, H2 Clinica offers a wide range of plastic surgeries to choose from. Our doctors are certified, experienced and well-trained in carrying out these surgical procedures. You can be sure that you will get the highest quality treatment once you walk through any of our hospitals.

Why should you get a plastic surgery?

Does the extra fat in your body effecting negatively on your social life? Do you avoid attending parties or family dinners due to birthmark or a scar? Does your burn mark blemish your self-confidence? Plastic surgery is the solution to your faltering self-esteem! Visit H2 Clinica to consult our team of expert plastic surgeons to discuss your issue with them. We assure you that our professionals will provide you with the best solutions and help you uplift your sense of wellbeing by carrying out a simple surgery.

Plastic surgeries to choose from:

Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction is an innovative, cost-effective cosmetic procedure of removing excess fat from the body.

This technique uses lasers to dissolve unwanted fat before its removal from the body, eliminating the need for a harsh suction. There are two types of laser liposuction:

1. Internal liposuction

Internal liposuction makes use of a laser attached to a suction device or to the end of a fiber-optic probe which is introduced into the area to be treated.

2. External liposuction
  1. External liposuction employs a laser (in the form of a pen or pad) outside the patient’s body before the surgery actually begins.

The laser liposuction cost depends on the amount of regions that you want to get rid of fats from. The more of the areas you wish to have treated, higher the cost of the liposuction procedure.

Laser liposuction does not only serve to remove stubborn fat from your body, but it also assists in tightening your skin, making you look even more beautiful, young and attractive.

If you’re feeling grumpy and lumpy due to the horrid pockets of fat that don’t dissolve even by the most strenuous workouts then Get your appointment with our specialist surgeons who will guide you and help you understand the whole laser liposuction treatment procedure in a better way. 


If your lines, wrinkles, and scars are very deep then Botox isn’t for you! You need dermal fillers to treat your sunken cheeks, deep wrinkles, and lines around your mouth, nose, forehead, neck and other areas. Filler injections are an effective cosmetic treatment which smooth wrinkles or pitted scars. They are also used to make the lips fuller and more attractive. At H2 Clinica, we use only FDA approved filler.

At H2 Clinica, we’ll design a treatment plan to meet your specific needs. The procedure takes less than 45 minutes to complete, and you can get back to your daily activities immediately after the treatment.

Different types of fillers are best-suited to different facial areas. So our world-class doctors will assess your wrinkles and scars, and prescribe you a filler accordingly.

Botox injection

One of the most useful and renowned treatments for smoothing out wrinkles, Botox is an FDA approved method that makes you look younger and more beautiful. Cosmetic Botox is a purified protein produced by a bacterium that reduces the activity of the muscles which cause the frown lines to appear between brows over time. The procedure does not hurt any more than plucking your eyebrows does. 

The benefits of Botox can last from three to four months, after which you can get the procedure done again. Both men and women, concerned about their frown lines, can get this procedure done.

Get the Botox Treatment from our expert doctors and nurses, who will treat you with utmost care


We use genuine FDA approved Botox


All the doctors and nurses are fully qualified and trained to prescribe and administer your Botox injection