Hair transplants

Going bald?

Tired of using almost all the hair care products that claim to give you fuller, thicker hair? If yes, then the time has now come that you throw away all these futile products and visit us, because we have the solution to your falling hair and baldness.

With our innovative, state of the art technology and effective techniques, we offer both men and women the best hair transplant facility that will give you shiny, strong hair.

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure which restores hair to thinning or bald areas of the scalp, eyebrows, and even the beard, using patient’s own hair. This hair is genetically modified to be permanent and is not susceptible to hair loss.

Hair transplants ​techniques

There are three techniques currently employed for hair transplantation/: follicular unit extraction (FUE), Sapphire Technique & Choi Implanter (DHI) direct hair implantation although both techniques are exceptionally effective and result-oriented, the best suited usually depends on the patient’s degree and extent of hair loss.

Selecting A FUE, Sapphire or Choi Hair Transplant Doctor

It is important to understand that, for the hair restoration surgeon, FUE or Choi Implanter are a more technically difficult and laborious procedure than strip.  Mastering FUE or Choi hair transplantation requires great skill and plenty of practice and experience.  Many hair transplant physicians have yet to embrace FUE or Choi because they are not willing to spend the time it takes to truly master it.  Other physicians offer FUE or Choi hair transplants based simply on patient demand, yet do not have the skills or patience required to become truly proficient at it.  In order to ensure you receive the best results possible, find a physician who practices FUE and Choi almost exclusively, and one who truly believes in the superiority of the procedure, in H2Clinica we have the most experiences doctors and medical staff to make the natural look and results.

Can females get the hair transplant?

Absolutely yes! If you’re suffering from female pattern baldness, weak hair or hair falling or low density, then contact H2 Clinica for a hair transplant or treatments that will give you beautiful thick hair one more time! Female pattern baldness is similar to male pattern baldness except that in females the frontal line is maintained. Therefore, many females are suffering from female pattern baldness or a head injury has resulted in tremendous and uncontrollable hair loss then you can benefit from a hair transplant.


Book an appointment with our experienced and expert doctors who will assess and analyze the root cause of your hair loss in order to ascertain if it can be treated with medication. If they find medicines ineffective, then they will detail about a hair transplant.

instructions before and after the hair transplant surgery


✔ must stop the drinking of green tea or Arabic coffee or alcohol for a week before the operation and a week after the operation

✔ must stop taking vitamins or aspirin or blood thinners 5 days before the operation and 2 days after the operation

✔ any medications you take must be known by us (if there is no effective of the operation you can keep using it)

✔ must stop smoking or shisha 5 days before the operation and 5 days after the operation

✔ for beard hair transplant must use “Kanazol” Shampoo for a week before the operation

✔ Payments is better in cash (if payments with visa or Credit the bank will take extra 10%)

✔ with Sedation anesthesia must be fasting completely between 6-8 hours not less or more

✔ for medical report can be done only in the time you are staying in the hospital only


✔ must sleep on the back for 5 days using medical Pad

✔ avoid curvature of the front of the head for two days after the operation (prayer position by sit and not to wipe the head when ablution)

✔ attention to the way the pressure not to wear clothes on the scalp

✔ not wear anything on the head for 10 days

✔ Don’t use any drugs that dilute the blood (alcohol – Green tea – Arab coffee – soft drinks) for a week at a minimum

✔ Avoid scratching or rubbing the transplanted place and follow-up washing the manner required for 10 days

✔ Don’t enter the Turkish bath or sauna for 15 days

✔ Don’t attend soft exercises for 20 days but extreme sports for 3 months

✔ No sexual intercourse for 3 days

✔ can shave the hair with scissors or machine after a month of operation

✔ avoid shaving razor for a year

✔ Don’t use of any material or chromosome painting for a month

✔ Don’t use a hair dryer on the cultivated area for a month