Difference between Hair Transplant Techniques

Micro FUE

✔ it’s the oldest and the most experienced technique between the three of them which have the highest success and number of operations over the world

✔ it depends on opening 2D pores by using a tiny medical scalpel

✔ It can reach up to 6000 grafts per day


DHI (direct hair implantation) or choi implanter

✔ This method depends on injecting the graft inside the scalp without the opening pores stage as we put the graft inside DHI pens then inject it directly in the bald area

✔ this method is recommended for small cases, beard, density and scars also it can be done without shaving the transplanted are

✔ it can reach up to 3000-3500 grafts per day, so if the patient us suitable for 6000 grafts, it will be done in two following days

Sapphire FUE :

✔ this method is considered as the newest technique in hair transplantation

✔ it’s developed from the normal micro fue 
depends on opening 3D pores with Sapphire Pen that prepared with a very smooth sapphire stone

✔ it gives fast recovery, more safety to skin tissues

✔ it can reach up to 6000 grafts per session